Introduction to Marathon

A Beginner’s guide to Marathon Running.

It’s August and the weather is getting better! Soon it will be Marathon Season! If joining a marathon is one of your goals but don’t know where to start? Cheer up! This article is for you!

Deciding to go for a marathon is serious. It requires months and months of planning and roadwork. Not only does it require a good physical conditioning, but it also needs great mental conditioning. It is a race if “attrition”.

Training Timeframe

Training timeframe depends on “where you are” fitness wise. Seasoned runners will need less training time whereas newbies will have to start from scratch.

A Newbie 

  • Someone who runs recreationally when the urge hits him/her.
  • Have not finished a measured run or race. (3,5,10k…)

If this is you and you want to train for a full marathon, you will need to prepare to train for 8months, 3-4 times a week to finish within 5-6 hours.

If you want to finish within 4 hours then you need 10-12months training.

The first few months or the first 3miles (4.828k) is the longest phase of your training. You want to slowly adapt your body to running long distance. Patience is the key, what you want to create is a solid base and not an injury!

Get some experience

  • 3km after 3months of training
  • 10km after 5months of training
  • 21km 2months before the full marathon “if possible”

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