Smoothie of the day

Smoothie of the Day

I was feeling lethargic – I could not figure out why but there is one thing I know, I need energy to get through the day. I pondered – in my mind it was a battle against a smoothie and a cup of coffee. In the end, my logic won, I convinced myself to go for the healthy option – a smoothie made out of greens.

I went to the  snack bar and came accross the “smoothie of the day”. I was wondering if I’d go for something more familiar or I’d go for the unknown. I went for the unknown and it was actually good.

It gave me the energy I needed without consuming caffeine.

So if you guys would like to go for healthy options instead of loading yourself with caffeine. Go for a smoothie instead. Be creative about it. Especially if you don’t have much greens in your regular diet. 



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