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Smoothie of the day

I was feeling lethargic - I could not figure out why but there is one thing I know, I need energy to get through the day. I pondered - in my mind it was a battle against a smoothie and a cup of coffee. In the end, my logic won, I convinced myself to go… Continue reading Smoothie of the day

Marathon Running 101

Introduction to Marathon – Pro

THE "PRO"   Someone who has finished at least a Half Marathon. IF you have finished a Full Marathon, then you have an added advantage - you know how "hitting the wall' feels like. GOAL Run more conservatively to maximize carb storage. Train 4-6 times a week. If you run at least 50k a week then you… Continue reading Introduction to Marathon – Pro

Marathon Running 101

Introduction to Marathon – Intermediate

Intermediate Completed a couple of fun runs. Preferrably a couple of 3 - 5k runs and at least one 10k. If this is you and your goal is to finish a full marathon, prepare to train 3-4 times a week.  4 months is you are a 3-5k finisher. 3 months if you are a 10k finisher.